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Winner Poker Review

An Excellent Choice On The Popular iPoker Network

The iPoker Network has been a very good choice for years, featuring a number of poker rooms which have teamed up to share players in order to dramatically boost the traffic at each of the member sites. Lately though, things have really started to take off in terms of the network’s popularity, and they have now grown to be the second most popular place to play online poker in the world.

So now more than ever, the iPoker Network, as one of the premiere online poker venues on the internet, has become a place where every poker player should have an account at. So it then becomes a matter of choosing which poker room on this network to play at, and Winner Poker is definitely an excellent choice here.

Each poker room on the iPoker Network is independently owned, so while they all share the same player base and software, there are definitely some real distinctions between them. Read on as I share with you my opinion of them and let you know why I feel that it’s a good choice.

The Player Base

First of all, the players at Winner Poker tend to be fishier than you see at the big sites such as Poker Stars, or what you used to see at Full Tilt Poker back when they were running. Many of the players who used to play at Tilt have migrated over to iPoker, and many have been surprised at how much weaker the players tend to be over here.

To be honest with you, as a fellow Canadian I’ve always preferred to play at softer sites like this, and I’ve had an account at this network since they opened up a few years ago. I’ve also referred a lot of players there and have gotten a lot of good feedback from them.

The traffic here is quite good, although nothing like the huge sites. So if you like to play a ton of tables at once, you’re not going to find that you can play as many as you can at Poker Stars. However, the reason why people feel the need to play that many tables is that at best, their edges are so small at a site like this with tougher competition. I’ve found that you can definitely earn more per hour playing less tables if you do it at a softer site like Winner.

Too many players measure traffic in terms of how much a site has, the quantity in other words, without paying enough attention to the quality. Both are very important, and you want plenty of traffic but also plenty of fish. Winner Poker provides both of these for you in abundance.

Bonuses And Rewards

One of the things that really stand out with Winner Poker is their very generous first deposit bonus. Any poker room will provide you with a good one these days, generally matching your deposit in bonus money up to $500 or $600. Winner Poker, on the other hand, are willing to give you 250% of your initial deposit, in other words two and a half times it, up to an extra $2,000. This makes their deal the most generous I’ve seen on this network.

As is customary with poker bonuses, Winner Poker releases your bonus as you try out their site, with every raked hand that you contribute to the pot and every tournament fee you pay earning you points toward it. Winner releases your bonus in nice bite sized $10 increments, so you never have to wait long for your next payout.

New players are also treated to a total of a full 90 days worth of daily freerolls, exclusive to new depositors. There is also a larger weekly Depositors Freeroll which you also get a free entry to.

The points you collect also count toward your VIP standing, where the more you play, the more Winner Poker rewards you. Their reward program is very good compared to other poker sites in fact, and is one of the big reasons why they are a good choice.

As you play more and more, you can watch yourself climb up the VIP ladder and earn higher and higher levels of rewards, including special freeroll tournaments just for members of particular VIP ranks.

New or Smaller Bankrolled Players Are Well Taken Care Of As Well

At Winner Poker, every player is important to them, and they realize that new and smaller players often become bigger ones in time, so they definitely are looking to make sure that everyone is taken care of properly at their poker room.

For starters, they offer a very good selection of micro limit tables and tournaments to make sure that smaller players don’t have to play over their head and risk too much of their bankroll at once. As well, unlike some poker rooms, the smallest stake players aren’t left out of the rewards program, as all tables earn you points, regardless of how small the stakes.

Winners Poker also features special Beginners tables and tournaments, which only players who made their first deposit during the previous 90 days are eligible to play in. They can be a great place for less experienced players to look to make their bones, as they are considerably more fishy than the regular tables and tournaments.

There’s Lots Of Good Action For Larger Players As Well

While things do tend to thin out more as you move up the stakes, which is the case pretty much everywhere, as a higher stakes player, one of the things I like the most about Winner Poker is that the players at the higher stakes tend to be fisher than you find at some other sites. In poker, it’s not so much a matter of beating people as it is a matter of how badly you beat them. So the bigger edge you have, the more you make.

Winner Poker offers a very good selection of cash game tables and tournaments designed to suit everyone’s preference. Cash tables run from $0.01/$0.02 all the way up to $300/$600. One of the real nice things about this is you not only can find what you want, there’s also quite a bit going on at the higher stakes that you one day wish to work your way up to.

Winner Poker Promotions

There’s always quite a bit going on at Winner Poker in terms of the promotions they run there, so I’ll just name a few of the regular ongoing ones. If you like to play Sit and Go tournaments, they are running a Sit and Go race, where the more of these you play, the higher you climb on the leader board, looking to grab your share of the $4000 in extra money they are giving away.

If you prefer cash games, their Over The Limit competition ups the ante to a whopping $100,000 in extra money to be given away. Once again, the more you play, the better your chances. The best thing about this promotion is that they have 4 separate classes, from the lowest stakes to the highest, so you’re only competing against players in your stake class. This makes sure that just the biggest players aren’t winning all the loot. As you can see, Winner Poker cares about all its players.

Winner Poker also offers a number of other promotions. Correctly predict outcomes of European Soccer matches in conjunction with winning sit and go tournaments and you could win a share of the $30,000 prize pool that’s being given away, including a top prize of $15,000. If you’re like me and don’t really follow soccer, you can always check the games out on the internet and get the odds.

Refer your friends and earn $100 per friend for the first 3, and $150 per friend thereafter. The amount of money you can make with this deal is huge; just imagine how many people you know, both online and offline, that you could recruit. You can also win up to $200 for the top hand of the day at the cash tables. There’s also the bad beat bonus, where if you lose a hand with four kings or better, you can cash in big.

Winner Poker Tournaments

Every time you make a deposit at Winner Poker, including your first one, you receive an entry into their $250 weekly freeroll. While there are a lot of players on the network, the amount of players from Winner Poker itself is quite small, which really is the best of both worlds. This also means that the amount of players you’ll be competing against in this and their other exclusive freerolls is small as well, dramatically increasing your chances versus what other poker sites have to offer.

Most poker sites have a weekly big tournament, and Winner Poker is no exception, with their weekly $200,000 guaranteed. You can buy in directly for $200 + $15, or if that’s too rich for your blood, you can win your seat instead through their many qualifying tournaments designed to suit every size bankroll, starting at $5.

There’s also always lots of action at the regular sit and go and multi table tournaments, and the tournaments on this network are in my opinion the softest you will find anywhere. This fact is extremely important, since how well you do over time depends to a large degree on how easy or hard it is to beat the people you play against.

Winner Poker Software And Security

To be honest, the software on this network has never been my favorite, although it’s still pretty decent. Some poker sites have recently updated theirs to look more flashy and be more user friendly, and it certainly wouldn’t be a bad idea for iPoker to do the same at some point in the near future. Still though, this isn’t a video game, and while you probably won’t be too titillated by their software, you will be as far as how well you do at their tables, which is all that matters when you think of it.

As far as the security goes, this is also provided by the software makers, and this is an aspect that is judged by its going unnoticed. You don’t really hear of any issues on the iPoker Network, which is exactly what you want. In fact, this is one of the very few places to play where you don’t really hear anything, including not hearing people complaining that the place is rigged to produce bad beats and other such nonsense.

Customer Service and Banking At Winner Poker

I really like the live chat support here, and not every poker site has this, and some of the ones that do make you wait a while on hold. Winner Poker’s chat service is prompt and helpful. They also have a special toll free number for Canadians if you prefer to talk on the phone. There’s also the email option although to be honest it’s much quicker and easier to use the other two.

Winner Poker also offers its players a very nice selection of deposit and withdrawal options, including being able to both deposit and withdrawal with Instadebit, which is the method of choice among Canadians. I’ve been using Instadebit for a few years now and it works beautifully. If you don’t have an account with them yet, there are other options you can select for now, but it’s definitely worth getting an Instadebit account, especially for its ease of making withdrawals.

My Recommendation

This is a great network to have an account at. There is an abundance of traffic, and the competition is nice and soft at the cash games, and even softer at the tournaments. They have been around for a number of years now and have now become one of the world’s most favorite places to play poker online, and have in fact now grown to the number 2 site on the internet.

Among all the choices on this network, Winner Poker is definitely a very good one. Their welcome bonus is extremely generous, and once they have you, they also do their best to make sure you stay just as happy, with a nice rewards program and other incentives. They aren’t as big as some of the other partners on this network, but that has the benefit of making things even more cozy, like a tight knit neighborhood within a much bigger city.

So I’d suggest that you give them a try, and they are paying you to try them out, so why not. Best of luck!